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Harmony Transactions

Harmony is a fully EVM-compatible blockchain designed for speed and scale. Using Harmony, dApps can scale with a 2-second transaction finality and 1000 times lower fees than Ethereum mainnet. In this dashboard we'll explore trends in daily transactions on Harmony.

Key questions

How many transactions per day are processed on average?
How has the average transaction value changed over time?
Is the price of ONE correlated with transaction count and/or average transaction value?

Average transaction count per day

Harmony typically processes millions of transactions per day. On Jan 24th 2022, it processed over 5.3M transactions in a day, its highest number since early December 2021 (see graph above). Jan 14th saw a particularly sparse day with less than 900k transactions. From Dec 2021 to early 2022, Harmony was procesing around 3M transactions per day on average.

Average transaction value over time

How has the average value per transaction changed over time? The average amount of ONE per transaction fluctuated widely before Jan 14th 2022. Since then, the average value has fluctuated more mildly, for the most part keeping under 100 ONE / tx.

ONE token price

Is the price of ONE correlated with transaction count or average transaction value? ONE price doesn't seem to corrlate with daily transaction count (graph 1). However, ONE price and average transaction value do show similar patterns at times. For example, both average transaction value (measured in ONE) and the price of ONE (measured in USD) show a brief spike up around Feb 6th.

Key insights

Scaling to outer space
At the time of writing, Ethereum processed 1,156,081 transactions over the preceding 24 hours. Since early Dec 2021, Harmony has been processing close to 3M transactions per day on average.
Gas; irrelevant
Transfers are cheap on Harmony; at present, ONE token price doesn't clearly correlate with transaction counts.
More Dapps, more tx
More dApps will likely be a strong driver of growth in daily transaction counts.


Finding daily Harmony transactions
Distinct transaction hashes from the mdao_harmony.txs table were counted by day.
Finding average transaction value
The VALUE column of mdao_harmony.txs table was averaged
ONE token price
The mdao_harmony.tokenprice_one table was used